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I analyze. design. develop.

I design and build cool things for the web.

Hi, my name is Nick Bennett and I'm a web designer and developer from Folsom, California. With backgrounds in both graphic design and web design, I create digital experiences that are clean, innovative, compliant and most important — effective. I approach all my projects with desktop, mobile or tablet device compatibility in mind. The sites and pages I build will always reach the customer wherever they are, when they're most interested.

I have spent 11 years working in a variety of industries, including print, outdoor media, web design and web development. I have several years of experience working in the ecommerce industry. I have skills in designing components for a variety of ecommerce stores, building email campaigns, designing banner advertisements, creating content/site maps, wireframes, mockups and prototypes. My projects are approached with research on the latest in design practices, as well as the most compliant standards in coding and SEO techniques.


UX and UI

User Experience & UI Design

Usefulness is the top priority of your website or application. I can make it efficient, task-forced and mission-driven, so that users can achieve their goals with minimum time and effort allocated.

Web Development


I offer experience in all facets of web development, including implementing content management systems, ecommerce systems, portals, email marketing, mobile sites, and other custom services.


SEO Services

I use market research, website markup quality assurance, W3C standards compliance, Google™ services management, structured-data implementation and more to improve your website’s SEO.

Coding & Software
HTML Coding
extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

CSS/Sass Coding
extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

average knowledge

average knowledge

MVC Architectural Pattern
average knowledge

average knowledge

average knowledge

extensive knowledge

Responsive Web Design
extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

average knowledge

average knowledge

Tortoise SVN
average knowledge

average knowledge

Visual Studio
extensive knowledge

average knowledge

Adobe Creative Cloud
extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

Email/Development Marketing
extensive knowledge

extensive knowledge

Working Experience

Sacramento, CA
March 2016 - Present

Web Designer/Developer
  • Provide visual solutions to the company's communication needs, using design sense, commercial awareness, and knowledge of industry trends.
  • Develop UX for websites and company products.
  • Apply UI knowledge in creating user flows, layouts, and design consistency.
  • Come up with multiple, varying concepts for the same design idea.
  • Research design ideas and solutions, finding creative solutions to fit project requirements.
  • Proactively obtain requirements to ensure a complete understanding of business needs.
  • Work cooperatively with developers and business stakeholders.
  • Problem solve and work individually, and as part of a team, to meet the needs of projects.
SAFE Credit Union

Folsom, CA
August 2015 - March 2016

Senior Multimedia Designer
  • Ideate and implement enterprise-and division-level branding, marketing, and communication programs and projects across multimedia channels.
  • Managed design processes from conception to completion.
  • Presented creative concepts and executions to Marketing leadership and business partners.
  • Led front-end development activities, solutions, methods, and practices.
  • Researched, recommended, implemented, and maintained interactive technologies.
  • Collaborated with design, communications, and development teams on projects.
  • Led the creation of superior, original, and interactive media for all digital platforms.
  • Communicated effectively with Marketing and program/project teams throughout all stages of the design process.
  • Maintain, work within, and enhance brand and design standards throughout all digital platforms.
  • Developed wireframes, storyboards, and presentations of art.
  • Worked with photographers, illustrators, video artists, writers, and other implementation specialists.

Sacramento, CA
August 2011 - August 2015

Web Designer
  • Designed components of Lumens Light + Living ecommerce store.
  • Prepared artwork for email campaigns and banner advertising to meet publisher/platform requirements.
  • Drove creative web projects from start to finish, collaborating with marketing, merchandising and ecommerce teams.
  • Created content/site maps, wireframes, mockups and prototypes.
  • Conducted and applied research on design practices, identifying problems and proposed creative solutions.

Rancho Cordova, CA
March 2011 - June 2011

Creative Designer
  • Manipulated current code for existing applications, sites and banner advertising.
  • Troubleshot HTML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript.
  • Designed, developed and implemented online advertisements for multi-million dollar online advertising campaigns.
  • Developed wireframe designs, mockups and prototypes that communicated user interaction and design ideas.

Castroville, CA
May 2005 - March 2014

Web Master
  • Maintained Chamber of Commerce website.
  • Maintained Catroville's Artichoke Festival website

Sacramento, CA
May 2007 - March 2011

Senior Designer
  • Created all in-house artwork from initial concept through final production.
  • Supervised production crew and junior designer.
  • Oversaw post production of all completed jobs through final delivery or installation.
  • Designed and maintain company's website and file server.
  • Sustained customer relations.

Sacramento, CA
April 2006 - May 2007

Web Designer
  • Maintained ecommerce store and website.
  • Handled all designs for ecommerce promotions.
  • Design, developed and launched email blasts for marketing campaigns.

Cameron Park, CA
May 2004 - December 2005

Senior Designer
  • Created advertisements for customers from initial concept through final production.
  • Maintained customer relations.
  • Created all in-house artwork to promote company services.
  • Managed technical problems within main office and offices throughout the nation.
  • Worked with customers to prepare artwork for print.
The AI of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA
January 2009 - December 2011

Web Design & Interactive Media

Bachelor of Science

The AI of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA
October 2001 - December 2003

Graphic Design

Associate of Science


  • Web Development
  • Web Development
  • Web Development
  • Stud or Dud? Phone App
  • USA People Search Wireframes
  • USA People Search UI/UX (In Development)
  • Internal Marketing Asset Management Site
  • Web Development
  • Web Development
  • Web Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • PeopleFinders Landing Page
  • Informational Design
  • Email Design
  • Email Design
  • Email Design
  • Email Design
  • Email Design

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